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Thursday June 8, 2023

We currently have 4 open calls for JIWs or CW/CEs levels 5-7 to CVE at SDI Steel Mill in Sinton, TX. Texas state electrical license, U/A drug screen and Code of Excellence required. This job is working a 5/10 schedule. If you have not taken Code of Excellence the class will be given right after dispatch, it is a requirement for this jobsite. Call the hall for more information.  

We currently have no outside calls. Calls are coming in periodically from our contractors so please continue to monitor the job line.

ATTENTION: All 278 inside members, if you do not currently have a TWIC card, consider applying for one ASAP. Members who possess their TWIC are in high demand for employment!

Job Line Information

Original Book Sign

  • You can now do an "Original Sign" of the work book via the website.  CLICK HERE to sign the book. Not receiving email or fax due to improper transmission is not the responsibility of the office.

Book Re-Sign

  • Re-sign is from the 10th thru the 16th of each month.  You can now do a Re-Sign of the work book via the website.  There is NO LONGER a grace period if the 16th falls on the weekend as the website is open 24/7/365.
  • You will be taken off the books for no re-sign.
    Please be timely in paying your death fund benefits in a unified effort to pay the beneficiaries of our deceased brothers/sisters.

Thank you for visiting our job line.  Be safe, stay healthy!